ARUT Supporter Application Form

3-12 October 2014


Every ARUT Supporter must complete an ARUT Supporter Application Form.
Supporters will sign the ARUT Application Form at registration. For any inquiries please contact the organisers at:
Tel: 074 064 5387 or 081 270 2094 or e-mail:

AUGRABIES/ RICHTERSVELD ULTRA MOUNTAIN-BIKE TOUR (ARUT) costs per supporter for October 2014 is:
R11 500.00 Only 5 supporters are allowed for this tour. Payments arrangements will be made after completing the Application form.

Conditions of entry.
You can only drive with on the ARUT tour as a supporter.
The minimum age is 21 years on the day the tour starts.
You are required to drive/help on the route and at campsites.
The ARUT tour will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled or stopped for reasons of safety.
There are no refunds.
Communication on ARUT tour related matters will be done by e-mail.
It is your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date.
All media material of supporters made by the organisers or their assignees during any activity deemed to be part of the ARUT tour shall be free for use by organisers in any matter relating to the ARUT tour at any time in the present or future.

Tour Rules
Supporters will drive carefully and with due regard to the safety of cyclists and other road users.
Supporters will keep as far to the left of the road as is safe, having regard for circumstances and conditions.
Supporters must display their ID/drivers license at all times during the tour.
Supporters will identify themselves and give their address to any marshal or any other rider requesting such information after an accident or any other incident that may occur on the tour.
Please do not use a personal music system or a radio communication device, including a cellular phone, whilst driving.
Supporters, please do not litter along the course.
Supporters, please do not smoke on route during the cycle tour, except at the water points.
Every supporter will provide reasonable assistance to any rider involved in an accident while participating in the tour.
No supporter may drive whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any medication that prevents or might prevent a supporter from properly controlling his/her vehicle.
No supporter may use any drugs. Supporters are not subjected to anti-doping tests, but any supporter may be tested for alcohol or drugs after an accident.
No supporter will display on his/her vehicle, clothing and equipment writing, logos or any item that may be offensive or that may bring the ARUT tour into disrepute.
Supporters entering the ARUT tour consent to their names being used by the media if needed.
No supporter will ride with another person’s number or identification.
The organisers reserve the right to prevent a supporter from continuing on the tour on advice from a doctor.
Supporters on medications are personally responsible for the supply and transport of such medication.
The organisers does not have exclusive use of any public roads during the ARUT tour.
All traffic regulations must be observed at all times. (South Africans drive on the left side of the road!)
Instructions from marshals must be strictly adhered to.
No late registrations will be accepted. Supporters that have not registered will lose their entry and they will not be allowed to start the ARUT tour.
Supporters retain the ultimate responsibility to carry enough water and nutrition with them.
The organisers/supporters will provide water at official water points on the route.
Medical assistance will be available.
Escort or seconding vehicles are permitted to follow the riders. The organisers prefer spectators to drive their own vehicles along public roads to reach water points to support riders.
Supporters that cannot continue the tour, for whatever reason, must immediately inform the organisers. This can be done at the start and finish lines.
In the event of a search and rescue operation being initiated for a supporter/vehicle that has withdrawn without informing ARUT tour organisers, the cost of the search and rescue will be transferred to the supporter.