Augrabies/Richtersveld Ultra Mountain-bike Tour


The Augrabies/Richtersveld Ultra Mountain-bike Tour [ARUT], presented by Luxuria Dux Adventus Tours (LDA Tours) and Boschendal Guesthouse, takes place every year. The tour of 3-12 October 2014 covers a total distance of  ±650km ridden in seven stages over a week.

The route stays the same every year, starting at Sendlingsdrif in the Richtersveld National Park and finishing at Augrabies National Park. Cyclists will tour through 4 regions: Richtersveld, Namakwa, Boesmanland and Kalahari.

Total Distance: ±650km [Avg.: 93km/day]

Total Climbing: ±8863m

Total Descending: ±8439m


There are 2 riders in a team. To enter, the team must complete the online ARUT Tour Entry form.

Some cyclists may bring friends or family that does not want to ride the tour, but wants to be part of the experience. Sign up as a Supporter and be part of the support team. Please complete your Supporters Application Form as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Successful applicants will be notified via email.


We strongly recommend personal insurance. Withdrawal will not be refunded and there are no exceptions. To change riders you will need the following: details of the person withdrawing, a signed letter from the person withdrawing, giving you permission to take his/her place in the tour, and a completed entry form of the new rider. Please note: The rider withdrawing will not be refunded his/her entry fee. The rider withdrawing may ask the substitute rider to refund his/her entry fee, but not more than they original amount.

A typical ARUT Tour day:

06:00 Wake up.

06:30 Breakfast.

07:30 Breakfast finishes. Hand tour bag in.

08:00 Tour starts.

The following services are available as soon as the riders finish: showers, and bag check-out.

18:00 Dinner

19:00 Dinner finishes. Local entertainment or info talk about area/region start.

22:00 Sleep.

Tour registration:

Registration is 12:00 - 18:00, two days before Stage 1, at Augrabies. [Friday 03 October 2014] The bus will depart the next day 08:00 from Augrabies to Sendlingsdrif. Make sure that you receive a tour number.

At registration you will receive a ARUT Tour bag with your personal tour number on it. Your ARUT Tour bag is the only bag that we transport between stage locations and all your personal belongings required during the tour must fit into this bag (including your sleeping bag and sheets). We recommend that you don't bring any valuables along to the Tour. We take no responsibility for valuables lost or damaged during the ARUT Tour. (Riders must at all times have their ID Books with them)


Stage 1

Start: Sendlingsdrif    Finish: Kuboes

Graph: Min, Avg, Max Elevation: 42, 350, 679 m    Distance: 85.9 km

Elev Gain/Loss: 1484 m, -1328 m    Max Slope: 12.2%, -13.7%    Avg Slope: 2.8%, -3.4%

Stage 2

Start: Kuboes    Finish: Eksteenfontein

Graph: Min, Avg, Max Elevation: 197, 638, 944 m    Distance: 68.8 km

Elev Gain/Loss: 1782 m, -1377 m    Max Slope: 25.3%, -18.3%    Avg Slope: 4.6%, -3.8%

Stage 3

Start: Eksteenfontein    Finish: Steinkopf

Graph: Min, Avg, Max Elevation: 479, 754, 1009 m    Distance: 84 km

Elev Gain/Loss: 1735 m, -1580 m    Max Slope: 23.1%, -17.2%    Avg Slope: 4.1%, -3.2%

Stage 4

Start: Steinkopf    Finish: Klein Pella

Graph: Min, Avg, Max Elevation: 456, 722, 1018 m    Distance: 143 km

Elev Gain/Loss: 1145 m, -1475 m    Max Slope: 13.1%, -7.7%    Avg Slope: 1.9%, -1.7%

Stage 5

Start: Klein Pella    Finish: Raap en Skraap

Graph: Min, Avg, Max Elevation: 307, 547, 829 m    Distance: 112 km

Elev Gain/Loss: 1455 m, -1564 m    Max Slope: 11.9%, -20.2%    Avg Slope: 2.1%, -2.4%

Stage 6

Start: Raap en Skraap    Finish: Skuitdrif

Graph: Min, Avg, Max Elevation: 428, 586, 666 m    Distance: 50 km

Elev Gain/Loss: 512 m, -548 m    Max Slope: 15.6%, -9.5%    Avg Slope: 2.0%, -1.8%

Stage 7

Start: Skuitdrif    Finish: Augrabies

Graph: Min, Avg, Max Elevation: 433, 671, 786 m    Distance: 85.3 km

Elev Gain/Loss: 717 m, -534 m    Max Slope: 6.9%, -4.7%    Avg Slope: 1.6%, -1.2%

Recommended Riding Equipment:

(ID Book (at all times with riders)

Mobile telephone

First aid kit (foil survival blanket, first aid dressings, sun-block)

Hydration pack

Multi-tool/bike repair tools

Basic consumables for your bike (brake pads, tubes, puncture repair, etc)

Cycling outfits

Energy bars


What to bring for Camping:

Sleeping bag and sheet liner


Cable ties (these are always useful)

Bio-degradable washing detergent

Personal toiletries (including high-factor sun cream, after-sun lotion and lip balm)


Casual clothes and shoes (crogs)

Mosquito repellent

Ear plugs


We provide accommodation in the ARUT Tented Camp from the Friday evening of registration until Saturday night after stage 7. Each rider/team must bring their own pitched two man tent and bedding. ARUT will supply a mattress.

Tour Packages:

The ARUT Tour Package costs will be available on the entry form. This package includes accommodation in a tented camp, dinner, lunchpack and breakfast, transport from Augrabies to Richtersveld, parking for vehicles at Augrabies and transport of ARUT tour bags between stages.


Some cyclists may bring friends or family that does not want to ride the tour, but wants to be part of the experience. Sign up as a Supporter and be part of the support team. Please complete your Supporters Application Form as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Successful applicants will be notified via email.


Temperatures in the Northern Cape can be very high. We recommend the use of a very high factor sunblock and this should be re-applied during the day.


Although you may experience mosquitoes, the Northern Cape is not a malaria area. We recommend a mosquito repellent just in case.


The ARUT Tour organisers do not test for doping, though we will appreciate it if you conform to the World Anti-Doping Code as laid out by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).  The ARUT tour is totally committed to achieving drug free sport.

Tour Rules

The tour rules is part of the ‘ARUT Tour Entry Form’ and the ‘Supporters Application Form.’

Bike Servicing:

Please make sure your bike is in working order at the start of the tour. Replace any old parts that may not survive 650km. Bring with you your own consumables like brake pads, tubes (a lot), master links, etc. ARUT will provide some general bike service at our camps.

Water en nutrition:

All water provided during by the ARUT tour organisers is 'local'. Although all tap-water in South Africa is drinkable, we can not guarantee this not to give any possible stomach reactions. There are several water points per stage. Their location is marked and they are approximately 25km apart. Each water point will serve water. The second water point will usually be the feeding zone, technical zone and medical zone. We recommend that you carry your own favourite brand of energy bars.

End of stage:

The Tour finish area is usually at the campsite. You are responsible for your own nutrition between tour finish and the evening meal that we provide for you.

Breakfast, dinner and beverages:

Breakfast is served from 06:30 - 07:30 and dinner from 18:00 - 19:00. (beverages included)


Do you offer a credit card budget facility?


Why do you charge supporters to join your Supporter Program?

Many of our Supporters have friends or family riding and it is a way for them to join in all the activities at a low traveling cost without riding the tour itself.

Why don't you accept everyone who is willing to pay to join the Supporters?

We are limited by the available space in the ARUT tour camp and by the number of roles that can be performed by Supporters.

Will Supporters know before the event what their responsibilities will be?

Yes, successful applicants will be notified via email.

We have a personal sponsor for our team - can we place some sponsor branding?

No. Personal Sponsor branding is limited to you riding in the cycling outfit of your sponsor.

Why don't you allow private camping in the ARUT camp?

We provide only sufficient services to our riders, crew and supporters in the ARUT camp. If more (non-registered) people make use of these facilities the service will be negatively affected.

Will you cater for vegetarians?

Yes, but you need to notify us when completing your registration form.

Will there be a facility to charge cell phones?

Not guaranteed.

What if I enter but cannot take part?

If you cannot take part, then you may find another rider to take your place.

I am resident outside of South Africa. How do I enter?

All entrants are the same, fill in an entry form and email it to us.

What kind of bike may I ride?

Any two wheeled roadworthy mountain-bike powered solely by yourself.

How do I collect my ARUT number if I do not have a confirmation letter with me?

ARUT has Duplicate Confirmations at the Registration area. You only have to show your ID.

How will I be timed?

It is a cycling tour, but we will un-officially time teams by digital photo shots at the start and finish lines.

How much time do I have to finish the tour stage?

9 Hours. [17:00 every day]

What if I decide during the tour that I cannot continue?

There is a sweep vehicle that follows the route. You can stop at any of the official water points and wait for the sweep vehicle.

If I am in an accident and have to go to hospital in an ambulance, what happens to my bicycle?

The sweep vehicle will take it to the next ARUT camp. The organisers will keep your bicycle should it be later in the week after the event.

Where can I find photos taken of me during the ARUT tour and my team results?