see South Africa your way ....


For us a welcome goes far beyond a letter.

It’s in our handshakes, which become hugs.

It’s in our warm smiles and in the faces that greet you

on your journey. And the people who'll go out of their way

to make your day. You’ll feel our welcome in our open vistas,

and under the stars of the African sky where we gather

round braais and become lifelong friends.

We’ll invite you to join in at our table, and we’ll raise

a glass together. We’ll share our homes, and our 11 ways of saying “hello”

South Africa is different.

Now it’s time to welcome you on your unique journey.

One that you will never forget, in a place where absolutely

nothing is ordinary. And the you who arrived,

will not be the same you who will leave.

'Luxuria Dux Adventus' , (LDA), is there to serve the customer.


welcome to our world